Never Give Up On Yourself

Woke up this morning reflecting; when I reflect I become extremely thankful. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve blown money and opportunities. I’ve acted out of emotion and frustration. But I’m so thankful for the success and the failures I’ve had, the opportunities and experiences, and the relationships I’ve been blessed to build. So many people have helped me. I’ve been places and done things that very few people will ever experience.

It’s never too late to start something new and build something great. Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself! In a very short period of time I’ve become one of the best inspirational entrepreneurs in my city. Last week I transformed my blog to include I.S.S.A Lifestyle (I Stay Slay Apparel) a clothing brand that encourages, and inspires a life-long commitment to slay everyday. God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above anything that we can think or ask. No matter what you are going through or what has happened to you, or who is rooting against you, your best years are yet to come.

To my followers, THANK YOU! My life has been given purpose by inspiring others. Your commitment to slay is worth a million bucks. Stay motivated, stay inspired, stay committed. TOGETHER WE WILL SLAY!

The Slayed Blogger ❤️

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Founder and Director of Programming to SMG LLC. Janae Sneed started writing her first publication, Myndgame Magazine in 2014. Since then she has gravitated to helping others find motivation and inspiration through her lifestyle blog. Her personality is so radiant and beautiful inside and out. Its leaves no wonder to how she became known as, The Slayed Blogger.

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