Instagram-hyped beauty product: Sand and Sky Face Mask, Does It Really Work?


Unlike the numerous ads flooding Instagram, this actually made me stop scrolling. The bright-blue container which contains an Aussie-made face mask caught my eye. Who else has seen this Australian pink clay mask by Sand & Sky?  You can’t always trust social media which made  me skeptical, however, intrigued. Australia is known for three things: gorgeous beaches, Kangaroos and baywatch surfers.

While Australia is on many bucket lists, we don’t typically give much thought to products sourced from the “land down under”. Mostly because we don’t come across them too often. So an Australian botanical-infused face mask advertisement claiming to brighten skin, clean pores and give a smooth lifted appearance,  is worth the investment.


Well,  this is a very special clay mask and not just because it is pink. The main ingredient is Kaolin,  an Australian pink clay which comes from as I quote, “the purest environment on Earth”.

This clay is said to absorb dirt and impurities, draw out toxins and restore the skin’s natural defence shield. The clay tightens and refines pores. Even with all these incredible claims,  it is still gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Sounds amazing doesn’t it? If you have had an ongoing battle with face issues,  you can understand why the grip on my purse loosened when seeing the ad.

Along with Kaolin, this mask includes a multitude of impressive ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Kakadu Plum, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Kelp Pomegranate and many more.

Sand & Sky promises instant results including clear complexion, youthful glow, smaller pores, reduced imperfections and enhanced collagen. The clay caters to your dermatology!

After reading all of this on their website, which I strongly recommend you visit, I couldn’t wait to try out this little tub of goodness.



When you open your box, you will see a cute little brush which is for smoothing the contents over your face.

Then just spread the product all over your face avoiding the usual places such as the hairline, eyebrows and lips. You can also use this in targeted areas.  I’ve seen some people apply a little amount to their spots and leave on overnight. Like most clays,  you can tailor the application of this to your needs.

The instructions advise to leave on for just 10 minutes until dry, but you can tell when it’s completely dry as the pink clay turns perfectly white and hardens.

Once finished, wipe away with a clean warm cloth and give a quick splash of cold water to your face.  Use your mirror and see if there has been instant improvements!


As mentioned before, I found out about this product on Instagram.  I located the purchasing information through the ad. There was no delivery charge and the product itself cost $39.95. You get 60gs of clay mask which includes the little brush for applying. So far,  I have been able to get approxiamately 6 to 7 uses out of the tub and there is still a good amount left for some more pampering. I admit that I do use this product generously. If you were to use a little more sparingly,  you can get more uses. It is advised to use 2 to 3 times a week depending on your skin.  I have been using it 2 times a week. I want to also mention that the packaging is “super” cute and the company hasn’t “skimped” me on the product either. The tub itself feels very heavy and expensive.  The brush is a fantastic addition with a little cover for it. Stylish and chic!


Before we begin, I have a little disclaimer.  Since the start of trying this product out, I have been pre-washing my face with my normal routine of products.  I use the Clinique liquid facial soap product line, which may have helped with results (but I doubt it).


Prior to the use of the Sand and Sky Clay Mask , my skin condition was dry with enlarged pores and some bloatches of itchy redness at times. I genuinely feel that using this mask along with my daily products has really helped improve the condition of my skin.

With that being stated, let’s get into my thoughts and review!


When first using the mask,  I applied the pink clay to my face for post-cleansing.  I felt an immediate tingling and tightening sensation. Admittedly, this was not the most soothing feeling I’ve experienced with masking, but for ten minutes it’s worth the mild discomfort. The feeling is completely normal in regards to masking.  It just means that it’s “working its magic”. It wasn’t at all painful!

When I went to rinse the clay off my face, I was pleasantly surprised by how easily it washed away with warm water. Most clay treatment masks require aggressive scrubbing to remove the hardened clay.  The best part of the entire experience was that my pores appeared visibly smaller, reduced blackhead count and my skin was dewier more than I have seen in a while.

The next morning after my initial use, I had broken out a little more than normal. This did not alarm me. New products often irritate my skin during the intial use. Sometimes it takes time for the body to adjust to new products. I used it for the second time a couple of days later and that’s when I first noticed a positive change.

After the second use,  I noticed the next morning that the redness in my face had drastically decreased. My skin was much clearer with smaller pores. After the third use,  I noticed that the texture on my face was very smooth with no large pores.  Just an over all noticeable difference!  Even with my body not feeling the best,  you could never tell by my fresh and glowing complexion.

I continued the use of the product for over two weeks with my daily facial routine of Clinique. The texture of my face is the brightest, smoothest and clearest that it has been since suffering with acne and aging.

I can’t tell you how many different products I have tried which start off changing my skin condition and then suddenly seem to stop after the first few uses. I never thought that I’d have better skin or clearer skin.  The clay allows makeup to sit nicely with minimal bumps.  I think I might be getting there!


I can not recommend this mask enough. It’s not a scam and it’s worth the hype. Even if you have clear skin, this would make a wonderful treatment to keep your face nice and tight. The results make paying $39.95 worth it.  Although I have been using the pre-wash routine with Clinique, this has prevented any breakouts.  The clay keeps redness down and arguably has tackled my existing spots within the first three face washes.  If Clinique was the reason for the results, I am sure I wouldn’t have been interested in trying Sand And Sky.  I love Clinique,  but this pink clay mask is giving me life and rejuvenation!

I’ve honestly not come across a product that I want to recommend more as much as I do with this product. Try it and you’ll love it! I am not sponsored by Sand and Sky, so this is my honest review!

Also, I was impressed to learn that this is indeed a cruelty free product. They even have a 15% off promo code that I have shared below. You can thank me in the comments later!


Product description

Pink Urban Defense Clay Mask

Australia: home to a mecca of untapped natural resources that help ingredients-conscious beauty consumers achieve a lit-from-within glow – sans makeup or Snapchat filters. Harnessing all-natural wonders of the skincare world – the outback’s millennial pink kaolin clay, healing purple bentonite clay and impurity-purging white activated charcoal – along with supercharged straight-from-the-earth superheroes (including old man weed, desert lime and Kakadu plum) our trio of Generation Clay masks make the case for going Aussie, and au naturel, stronger than ever before.

BLAQ is an Australian skincare brand designed to take prime position on your bathroom vanity. Our products are minimal, our packaging is desirable and the results are downright remarkable. We’re the cool kids when it comes to innovation and hell bent on becoming the new age staple, making over your skin and making under your skincare routine.

About the product
  • A top shelf must-have for city dwellers, Generation ClayTM Urban Defense Purifying Pink Clay Mask is packed with Kakadu Plum – the small but mighty Australian fruit that holds the highest known natural source of Vitamin C.
  • Bursting with antioxidants, it helps stimulates collagen, reduce hyperpigmentation, and protect from harsh environmental aggressors, such as pesky pollution.
  • We’ve also added Vitamin E for reinforcement at blocking free radicals, age-fighting Vitamin A, and old man weed – a traditional indigenous medicinal remedy which fights acne-causing bacteria.

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5 thoughts on “Instagram-hyped beauty product: Sand and Sky Face Mask, Does It Really Work?

    1. It really is amazing! And you’ll notice a difference the night after the first wash. I actually had a girls day at the house and tried it on several of my girl-friends. All of the results were amazing! And all of them are from different ethnic backgrounds with different skin issues. The only downside is once you start using it, you’ll have to keep purchasing for the results to stay. I’m in two months and I still need to use the product.


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