To Blog or Not to Blog? Blog! Of Course I’d Say That.

To Blog or Not to Blog? Blog! of course I’d Say That.

The question I am asked most often is “Would you help style me, do my hair and “beat” my face?”.   As much as I love products and fashion, I am not a professional stylist, hair dresser or make up artist.  I have helped several of my friends, co-workers and models with their wardrobe and makeup malfunctions.  So there is no “one-size-fits-all” answer to this question which underlines my reason to blog. I want to share ideas that I have found useful, which you can then treat with your personal touch and slay it!

In addition to the twelve “basics” discussed in this post, I will add a selection of items that can be used when imagining or creating new outfits.  Outfits that share a common theme such as “seasonal” or “occasional” in every new installment of this series. For those who are looking to start fresh, first select a primary color scheme that comprises three neutral colors (with at least one light and one dark color).  For example,  I chose black, white and beige for this post, but the concepts expounded here are simple.  So they will work for any of the following combinations:

Navy, Cream and Dove Grey.

Charcoal Grey, Pink and Taupe

Chocolate, White and Navy.

For my twelve items, which are all in the primary color scheme, I chose…

  • 2 sweaters- one plaid and one patterned
  • 1 shirtdress
  • 1 leather pencil skirt
  • 1 tailored blazer
  • 1 pair of slim-fitting pants
  • 3 pairs of shoes
  • 2 handbags- one dressy and one “practical”, roomy but not over sized
  • 1 trench coat-though any three-season coat will do; in its place you might consider a duster coat, a parka, or a pea coat

The absolute key to making any outfit slay is confidence!  confidence! confidence!   If you don’t feel sexy you won’t look sexy no matter what your wear, how you style your hair or “beat” your face.  Once you have the confidence,  you’re ready to take on fashionable clothing and begin to style.

The first step in creating your unique style is layering & accessories.  This will help to cut down on the montony of an all-neutral ensemble.  When you have a small wardrobe, it’s important that your accessories have some personalilty.  Studs on your shoes,  mixed chains and unobtrusive bows on your bag are all good examples.  So are the following :

  • 1 printed scarf
  • 1 solid colored blanket scarf
  • 1 tiered necklace
  • 1 reversiable belt
  • 1 watch


Next step is texture mixing.  This helps to inject interest into the outfits.  Great example would be the leather pencil skirt below because it compliments the average cotton blouse or knit sweater well.


Last but not least, take the styles you have created and SLAY!


I hope I was able to provide helpful styling techniques that you can create within your wardrobe.  Try it out and upload your pictures of SLAY to my website and join my newsletter for more upcoming tips on fashion, hair, and makeup.

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Founder and Director of Programming to SMG LLC. Janae Sneed started writing her first publication, Myndgame Magazine in 2014. Since then she has gravitated to helping others find motivation and inspiration through her lifestyle blog. Her personality is so radiant and beautiful inside and out. Its leaves no wonder to how she became known as, The Slayed Blogger.

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