The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I woke up this morning feeling nine months pregnant! Bloating is my worse enemy! You know what? I have had enough of the surprise “bloat baby” pregnancy, especially when I want to be sexy in my little tight clothes, lol!

It’s so much harder losing the weight in my thirties than it was in my younger years. I am determined to live my healthiest life as long as possible. After many disappointments with appetite suppressants and quick fix regimens, I came to the conclusion that I must work out to achieve the desired results. 

There is no such thing as a quick fix to years of “emotional eating”. It takes time and consistency to break habits. Don’t get me wrong, I still love food! I now understand it is all about moderization and cut backs. Healthy food is the best choice to provide your body the proper nutritional values. I schedule a “cheat day” during the week that allows me to eat some of my favorite foods such as creole, seafood and soulfood. Do you know how much fun I missed out on in life following a unhealthy routine for years? Now in my late thirties , I understand.

So with an hour of cardio a day and changes to my nutritional behavior, I am going to tackle this journey of fitness one day at a time. So follow my fitness journey here as I transform into a better me. I look forward to you following along!

Let’s Slay Together,
The Slayed Blogger💋

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Founder and Director of Programming to SMG LLC. Janae Sneed started writing her first publication, Myndgame Magazine in 2014. Since then she has gravitated to helping others find motivation and inspiration through her lifestyle blog. Her personality is so radiant and beautiful inside and out. Its leaves no wonder to how she became known as, The Slayed Blogger.

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